An Immigrant Story - Jars
An Immigrant Story - Jars
An Immigrant Story - Jars
An Immigrant Story - Jars
An Immigrant Story - Jars
An Immigrant Story - Jars
An Immigrant Story - Jars
An Immigrant Story - Jars

An Immigrant Story - Jars

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    Welcome to the heartwarming immigrant story candle collection—a symphony of scents that evoke memories, stir emotions, and celebrate diverse cultures. Each candle narrates the poignant tale of starting anew, brimming with dreams, and fueled by unwavering passion. It's a soul-stirring journey that intertwines the familiar fragrances of home with the alluring aroma of new beginnings. This collection isn't just about candles; it's about storytelling—the intimate, deeply personal narratives that resonate with every immigrant's heart. Experience the essence of resilience, hope, and belonging with our most evocative collection yet—an artistic ode to the shared journey of all who have dared to dream beyond borders.

| 12 oz | 100% Soy Wax | 80 Burn Hours | Made in USA


Black Saffron + Ginger

Top note: Culture Shock

Middle note: Out of place, but still fly

Base note: No turning back


White Jasmine + Mint

Top note: Using humor to cope

Middle note: Traditions across borders

Base note: "back home we say..."


Amber + Lily

Top note: Fake it til you make it

Middle note: Big odds, bigger dreams

Base note: Embracing the unknown


Plumeria + Tangerine

Top note: Glow up + Go

Middle note: Delusional optimism

Base note: Aspire to be more than better


Black Pepper + Bergamot

Top note: Missing home but not the drama

Middle note: Thank God for FaceTime

Base note: Hangry for mom's cooking

New Beginnings

Lavender + Amber

Top note: Optimism

Middle note: Reality check

Base note: Navigating uncharted territories


Fig + Clove

Top note: Getting pop culture references

Middle note: Heart's in two places

Base note: Accent always stays though


 Natural and Renewable: Soy wax is derived from soybean oil, making it a renewable resource. It's also biodegradable, meaning it's better for the environment compared to paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum.

Cleaner Burning: Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax, producing fewer toxins and pollutants like soot. This cleaner burn contributes to better indoor air quality and reduces the risk of respiratory issues.

Longer Burn Time: Soy wax candles typically have a longer burn time compared to paraffin candles of the same size. This means you can enjoy your soy wax candle for a longer period before needing to replace it.

 Better Scent Throw: Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, allowing it to release fragrances more effectively. This results in a stronger and more consistent scent throw, filling your space with delightful aromas.

Easy Cleanup: Spills and drips from soy wax candles are easy to clean up with soap and water, unlike paraffin wax which can be more difficult to remove from surfaces.

Support for Farmers: Soybean farming supports local farmers and agricultural communities. By choosing soy wax candles, you're contributing to sustainable agriculture and supporting farmers who grow soybeans.

Kin & Care


Kin & Care began with a chance encounter. Then a casual conversation between two immigrant women. Pleasantries were exchanged, stories were told, and the conversation slowly grew into something a little less casual and a lot more personal... expressing empathy for the challenges immigrant women experience as they try to find opportunities and kinship in their new home. And the commonality of those challenges, regardless of the many different ways immigrants arrive. Out of chance came a vision: To create a company with products made by immigrant women in the Washington, DC area thereby empowering these women to build a place of their own for themselves and for their families. But what kind of products? Candles! Hand poured, small batch, wonderfully fragrant candles to be exact. Made at home to provide security and accommodate flexible schedules. And scalable so that opportunities for refugee women grow as the brand evolves.


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